Tricks and Bricks by Brandon Berman Episode 3

Tricks and Bricks Show Episode 3

Sky Replacement in Adobe Photoshop 2021

Sky Replacement in Adobe Photoshop 2021

In each episode, Brandon Berman either share some software tricks of the trade, has a guest or shares a student success story.

Tune in for the positive vibe and great tricks!

This episode covers the new Sky Replacement tool in the new Adobe Photoshop 2021 CC. Here is the tutorial we have needed all year, “How to turn a grey sky into a sunny day.” First of all, Chris Bittner is kind, knowledgeable, and gentle, full of enthusiasm for learning and teaching. Enjoy getting to know Premiere Tutor’s, Photoshop Guru. If you want someone who can work remotely right by your side, Chris is here for you. Secondly, the new Sky Replacement tool in Adobe Photoshop 2021 CC is really amazing. Watch Chris literally change a grey sky to sunshine in one click. Then for the Photoshop enthusiasts, Chris shows how the tool allows you to bust out layers and masks which can be tweaked at a high level. With the holidays upon us and time at home. Why not spruce up some of your family photos? LEARNING DIGITAL DESIGN SOFTWARE FROM REAL PEOPLE IN REAL-TIME CALL (719) 300-6060 Our YouTube Channel…

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