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“One of my favorite things about working for Premiere Tutor, is the chance to meet and learn about my clients. I love learning about their creative passions. At Premiere Tutor, I can help you find your way around Photoshop. I can teach you the basics and I can show you techniques, so that you can restore or correct your photos or images, create something new, or just learn the basics of illustration through Photoshop.”

Rebekah Harden

Adobe Photoshop

About Me

My name is Rebekah. I currently live in the central part of Florida with my husband, our two boys, and our cat. My family and I recently moved here from Colorado. I miss the mountains and the snow, but I love the beach and the weather here.

Professionally, I have been a freelance artist for many years. I have worked in varying fields to include the film industry, illustration, and graphic design. I am a traditionally trained artist and I enjoy working with many mediums. I love oil painting and watercolor painting. When working in Photoshop, I use traditional painting techniques to digitally paint. I have also worked as a professional photographer, concept artist, and comic book colorist. My traditional art and digital paintings have won awards and have been displayed in galleries and shows across the United States. Multiple pieces of my work have also been published. Three of my digital paintings were published in the United Kingdom magazine, Imagine FX.

My husband and I have worked closely for many years. We own our own business where we create promotional videos for local businesses and we have worked on many sets with the local firm communities. In these communities, I’ve worked as a script-writer, storyboard artist, concept artist, a prop designer, seamstress, actress, costume designer, choreographer, and makeup artist. These are just a few of roles I’ve had.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. I enjoy being physically active while spending time in nature. I love yoga, running, practicing martial arts, and playing scenario paintball. Lately, my favorite thing to do is swim in the ocean with my family. One day, I would like to take surfing classes.

In Photoshop, I can help you learn how to restore or correct photos or images; I can teach you the basics of illustration through the tools in Photoshop; I can show you photo-manipulation techniques or I can direct you on how to use the tools so that you can begin to digitally paint or draw. I enjoy working with beginner and intermediate students and I look forward to helping you with your project!

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