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We offer online live group classes for Adobe Premiere Rush.

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Justin Wilson

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Adobe Premiere Rush

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60 Min Lecture - 30 Minute Q&A


Online and live from your home.

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You get a downloadable video file of your entire class session for your review.

Justin - Rush and YouTube Instructor

Have you always wanted to start your own YouTube channel? Want to edit your own personal videos? Then Adobe Premiere Rush is for YOU and is here to help you learn.

Our Thoughts

User Friendly

Easy to learn editing software that is available on your desktop mobile, or tablet.


Unlike most editing software which requires massive upgrades to most computers and expensive licensing or purchases, Adobe Premiere Rush is affordable and ready to go on most computers or devices.

Simple Sharing

Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to upload your projects to social media platforms such as YouTube.


Go Shoot

On your phone, tablet or PC.

On set with a client!

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On your phone, tablet or PC.

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On your phone, tablet or PC.

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Whether you want to make your own cooking show, a funny YouTube channel, tell short stories, or simply just capture and edit family memories, Adobe Premiere Rush is the perfect software to introduce anyone into the world of video editing and Premiere Tutor is where you can learn all this cool stuff.

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