Chris – Photoshop, After Effects, Audio and Video Tutor

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The message is the thing. Telling it effectively is the challenge. As a Premiere Tutor, my goal is to teach the skills and techniques that help my clients learn, excel, and enjoy the process of digital storytelling through image, video, and audio.

Chris Bittner

Photoshop, After Effects, NIK Filter Collection, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Adobe Audition, and Pro Tools

More About Me

My name is Chris Bittner and my goal is to help you produce quality digital media quickly and efficiently. As a Premiere Tutor I’m focused on helping beginners become skilled creators, and experienced editors gain more advanced knowledge that causes co-workers and friends to call you the “Photoshop Guru” or the “Video Ninja.”

I have over 20-years experience recording and editing audio for television and feature films, and creating crazy cool videos, motion graphics, and interactive media. 

I’m married and have two amazing boys who love the Rocky Mountains of Colorado like I do. We camp when we can, hike, climb, and watch the weather change every 10-minutes. What a beautiful state!

As a Digital Media Consultant I help organizations update and manage their websites, create catchy marketing videos, or teaching the best podcasting techniques, software, and equipment. 

Let me know how I can help you take your ideas, big or small, to that next level. Create success!

A Sample (Take one)

Take a peek at my not-so-latest reel to get a glance at some work I’ve done in the past 20 years. I’ll upload recent projects soon including a trailer for the feature film July Rising (2019).

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