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I bring over 20 years of  practical experience teaching as the head of a college digital media program. I can help all levels from beginners to advanced or those working on a large scale production. 

Brandon Berman

Adobe Premiere Pro - After effects - Character animator
Brandon Berman with his brother long ago
This is a photo of me on the left with my brother a long time ago.

Passion At
An Early Age

The passion for multimedia started early for me. I remember using two VCRs to edit movies with my brother in the early 80’s. That was prehistoric video editing time, you might say. 

This is what a VCR tape looks like.

director of multimedia graphic design

College Years

2008 Outstanding Faculty of the Year

2007 Master Teacher of the Year

I founded a web/video development company before joining Front Range Community College to be the director of the Multimedia Graphic Design department for about twenty years.  During that time, I built a large scale department and developed a full video degree program.

During summers off from the College I would often find myself teaching kids film camps. One summer, I went with a group to Kenya and was privileged to be able to teach video making at the youngest levels up to the university level.

This is a commencement speech I gave, entitled, "Find And Do What You Love". I still feel the same way almost a decade later.

REal World Experience

I have always blended real-world experience into the classroom. During my time at the college, I was able to work with some incredible students to produce four full length documentaries under the production name of Storage Room Productions. Three of the four films received awards.

Need to teach

After 20 years of teaching Brandon at the college level and abroad I have reentered the free lance world, and continue to satisfy my need to teach through Premiere Tutor.

Making Movies

Award winning documentaries

32nd Annual Heartland EMMY Award Recipient 2018
Long Form Non-Fiction
“Next-Door Nutrition”
31st Annual Heartland EMMY Award Recipient 2017
Long Form Non-Fiction
“Spectrum – Embracing Gender”
29th Annual Heartland EMMY Award Recipient 2015
Long Form Non-Fiction
“Women Warriors – A Vision of Valor”

I can’t stop

Keeping a hand on the pulse

Storage Room Productions is currently working on a multitude of projects. Brandon’s love for video editing and teaching continues on

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