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We teach personalized, private or group software training for digital media software classes via screen sharing software – Zoom.



You and your tutor can work on whatever you need help with. Request a free video recording of your session!



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Digital Media Design Tutoring on Zoom

Schedule a time with a tutor and you have an online meeting. Check with the availability of your tutor and contact us if you don’t see a time that works.



Anywhere with a computer. We use a screen share program, so there is no need to leave your home or office. We can see each others’ screens and cursors, so that working together one-on-one is easy. We let you take control of the program, so you get a hands-on learning experience. We will talk you through it the whole time, so you won’t get lost or confused.

Online software training

    • Private online screen-share classes using Zoom
    • Instructions at your home or office
    • Free video recording of your session

Great Instructor

    • Friendly and knowledgeable
    • No hassle scheduling
    • We contact you prior to your session
    • $65 – per session
    • Call us @ 719-350-6330
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Josh - After Effects Instructor

Have you always wanted to create your own moving characters and illustrations or wondered how an effect on a tv show was made? Then Adobe After Effects is for YOU and is here to help you learn.